In 1988 construction begun, so that 5 years later, in 1992 the owner Ljupcho Gjorgjevski founded the company MELNICA KADINO. At the beginning the capacity was small and limited to 18 tons of wheat processing in 24 hours. In the years to come, the organization grew, so that in 1999 it doubled its capacity to 40 tons of wheat processing within 24 hours.

Today, MELNICA KADINO is a successful organization with 44 employees and future plans to be a large international organization. Thanks to the constant high quality of the products, MELNICA KADINO is developing into a leading manufacturer of mill, pre-baked, fresh frozen products in Macedonia. Today, the organization has a wide range of products, different types of flour for different purposes  and a variety of pre-baked and fresh frozen product (Burek and Mini Burek). With its own distribution network and regional organization throughout Macedonia, MELNICA KADINO is continuously developing by improving technology and professional personnel. 

In September 2007, MELNICA KADINO changed its name and registered as KADINO INDUSTRY GROUP (KADINO INDUSTRI GRUP) which owns the two brands Melnica Kadino and World Wide Bakery.

The company holds the ISO 9001:2008, HACCP system in accordance with the requirements of CAC/RCP 1-1969, 2003.

History of the Burek and the Mini Burek

The origin of the Burek and the Mini Burek is from period of the Ottoman Empire. In 1498, when a Turkish baker named Mehmed Oglu left Istanbul and moved to Nish (R. Serbia) where he used this recipe to make this pastry, Burek becomes traditional, most famous and favourite specialty on the Balkans
KADINO INDUSTRY GROUP has greatly contributed to the Municipality of Ilinden. The company buys around 1/3 of its raw material from the local farmers. In quantity this represents 1300-1500 tons on a yearly basis. From the 44 employees, 22 are citizens of the Municipality of Ilinden.




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